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Originally Posted by Bronco View Post
ok, so i almost did it.

never tried this before, of course, because it is weird.
started with 135 with each arm
it's really tricky to find the center point.
185 left arm.
got the versa grip and did 225 with right arm
275 with left arm was a tough one, i knew it was going to be close.
315 with right arm, couldn't lock out.
I thought about going for it one more time, but really it would have been the same result.

Here's video evidence that i couldn't do it.
One Arm Deadlift Failure - 315lbs - YouTube

So this wasn't as heavy as I expected.
I just did heavy deadlifts yesterday so I'm probably not at full strength.
If i worked at this for a little while I think I could do it, no problem.
I don't plan to though.

So, I failed and we know Brute can do it.
Now what?
That was damn close though. nice work brother.
Anastas Dimitar Martin
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