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Originally Posted by bruteforce View Post
Brotastic work brotato.
Thanks bro. It was brodaciously brosanova.
Originally Posted by fenrisulfr View Post
Nice session. Good lifts that you picked.
Thanks fenribrofr. I am using what I have to make things work.

Originally Posted by big_swede View Post
Do you even curl?

Good work man
Bro, when I curl I do it in the squat rack. I'm hardcore bro.

Thanks Swede.
Originally Posted by Squatter View Post
Haha - my crew actually gave me shit and punished me last Saturday for neglecting bicep iso work.

I won't come atcha Big J unless I learn karate or something!

Good to see the pull ups going well.
Bro, how are you going to get swole arms if you don't curl. Think about it bro.
Bro Fact: If you aren't going to curl, you might as well not even lift.
I can't make this stuff up! It's just a bro fact.
And another thing, Karate shamate. Bro, karate will hurt you, but crazy will kill you. Just get crazy bro. Come at me.

Thanks Jim. I'm still hammering away at the pull ups. They aren't progressing like I would like them to, but I am not going to give up.
Originally Posted by KD5NFW View Post
Nice work Josh! And I am happy that you have studies to back up all the bro-ness going on in here!
Thanks KDBro. I wouldn't spread this bro-ness without legitimate bro studies to back this up. It doesn't matter if something works or not, what matters is that there is bro research to say that it will work.
Come at me.
"The fastest way to get strong muscles is also the fastest way to make them bigger. We know what works best to make them strong in the shortest time possible. If you want to get big, do the thing that makes them strong." - Marc Rippetoe
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I am not a powerlifter nor am I a bodybuilder. I just want to be big and strong.

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