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Default The Super Power & Bulk Thing - Latest routine that's working

Hi all,

Not much of a forum social guy or anything, as I prefer to work the basics and not ask much questions these days (seems the best way to put on muscle )

The "Super Power & Bulk Thing"

Anyways, here's a routine I've been using for a while now that's put additional muscle on my frame. It's a bulk routine from Keys to Progress (McCallum), except that I changed the squats around (not a big fan of 20-rep squats at my age as I'm almost 40 with some minor old injuries).

Dips: 3 x 15. Sounds light but you work these till failure. I prefer to have weight added and hit around the 12-rep mark as a minimum on all 3 sets, then add a small amount of weight.

The thing with these reps is that you actually hit failure around rep 8-9, then hold at the top position, hit another 3 reps, etc. until you are done (kind of like rest pause but you are not actually "resting" out of the set.

Machine Pullover: 3 x 15-18. Again, sound light but these high reps should have you wanting to quit around rep 12 or so, but you keep on through the pain (much different than hitting failure on a 5 rep set). Dumbbells are not advised as this becomes more of a triceps and chest movement with them, so hit a machine if possible. I typically go for a minimum of 15 reps on all 3 sets before moving up.

Take a small break...

Squats: 1 x 20 (But I prefer 3x6 or 4x5). Everyone knows about breathing squats but I just don't like em, plain and simple, so I don't do them. Sometimes I'll actually do 10 x 3 here. Still though, the sets are rough and I don't make them easy.

Barbell Curls: 3 x 15. Controlled but not slow. You can hit the wall at around rep 10 but pause a bit until you hit the 15 mark. LOWER THE WEIGHTS on these. It's about using the biceps, not the front delts, lower back and traps by hoisting it.

Behind-The-Neck Press: 3 x 15.
Obviously you need to be built for these, as I am with my long arms and frame. I love them. Just like the upper body movements these high reps stimulate growth.

- Entire workout time: About an hour or so.

- Calves sometimes injected in there.

- McCallum suggests 3 times weekly. I say bullshit. I need at least 2-3 days in between sessions, so for example: Monday, Friday, Tuesday, etc.

- I eat high carbs on training day, but then nothing but protein and fats on non-training days.

Hope this post helps. The routine works, plain and simple.


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