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i always have goals, they help keep me motivated.
goals, targets, or whatever. i can't really get excited about the semantics and all that.
i think it's varies for individuals. different things motivate people in different ways.

i had just started fooling around with squats and deadlifts . you know, like 185 - 225lbs.
so at the beginning of 2012 i decided i'd set some goals for the end of 2012 to give me something to shoot for. started doing 5 sets of 5 once a week. by the end of february i'd started to figure out how to lift better and realized i'd vastly underestimated my potential to lift heavy stuff. had to adjust my goals because i was about to reach them already. so my new goals were a lot tougher. i had to actually research workout programs and stuff, and just push it a lot harder if i wanted to reach them. so that's what i did. so, the point is i think setting these goals motivated me to push myself harder. but that's just me.
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