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10/7-10/9 - 3 tablets of D-Pol in the morning on an empty stomach
Energy - energy during my back/trap/forearm activity was surprisingly high despite how long the day was. It's not like I was wired, but I did have a hard time falling asleep

Mood - work has been crazy stressful, but I've worked had to maintain even keel mood wise. I'm not one to los my temper.... unless it involves driving and navigating in a new place haha. No signficant changes in mood
Body Composition - no changes in vascularity outside of the gym, but I feel "thicker" and more people have been asking me if I've added mass, which is a good sign as my bodyweight last time I checked was about the same when I started this routine and DAA

Libido - on the weekends a noticeable boost. I think DAA combined with relaxation and lower stress = higher libido (shocker I know haha). During the week, libido takes a back seat as I'm on the road travelling, working crazy long days

10/7: 2 scoops of Condense 15 minutes pre workout on Back/Traps/Forearms

Energy - despite the long travel day to the client site and a slightly delayed first flight, my work day wasn't terribly stressful, so I felt pretty decent going in to the workout. 2 scoops was perfect for progressing on every exercise today and no crash!

Pump - absolutely insane pump in my upper back after shrugs, forearms after static holds/wrist curls/reverse BB curls, and mid back felt awesome after narrow grip cable low row

Focus - great mind muscle connection on barbell rows and cable low rows especially. Also had solid focus during deadlifts, but I struggled to focus on lat pull downs as the pull ups beforehand fatigued my concentration a bit. Regained some focus during power shrugs, but it petered out during grip/forearm work. Luckily the pump more than made up for it lol

10/8: 1.5 scoops of Condense 30 minutes pre workout on Chest/Triceps
Energy - taking Condense 30 minutes pre workout instead of the recommended 15 minutes led to a more noticable boost of energy while I was warming up as well as some Beta Alanine tingles. Energy levels were solid while warming up for bench, but I couldn't for the life of me progress on my rep-goal bench press sets

Pump - WOW! pumps with the D-Pol/Condense combo has been outstanding. After my chest work, I had a crazy tricep pump and once I finished direct tricep work, i could hardly move my arm haha. Chest pump after flies was decent, but I'm still working on the mind muscle connection for chest exercises

Focus - Mind muscle connection for this workout is slowly but surely improving. Intra set focus during my primary bench sets was ok and during the bulldozer sets I find it fairly easy to focus, but incline DB Press and CGBP take some extra effort to focus
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