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Originally Posted by afraziaaaa View Post
A friend of mine has been using steroids for over 12 years cycling on and off. He is 5'10", 247lbs, less than 10% body fat and his arms are just over 19" cold. This is a naturally skinny guy though who started training 15 years ago at 145lbs body weight.

I agree that 20" arms for a lean natural physique is pretty unrealistic, but maybe its achievable with the right genetics?
I think your friend does not meet the criteria of being a natural if he cycled on and off steroids for 20 years.
BtB was referring to lean naturals, not someone like your friend who used PEDs.
Originally Posted by moeheep View Post
Thats less proof than bigfoot and the loche ness monster
I found this incredlibly funny and somewhat true.
"The fastest way to get strong muscles is also the fastest way to make them bigger. We know what works best to make them strong in the shortest time possible. If you want to get big, do the thing that makes them strong." - Marc Rippetoe
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