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Originally Posted by Soldier View Post
His goal isn't just mass gain. He wants to build muscle while avoiding adding fat as much as possible. That changes things, especially when you consider that he's already gaining weight consistently.

And while I appreciate your condescending tone in spite of the fact that I made it quite obvious just what I meant, It doesn't change the fact the our friend here is trying to avoid gaining fat. I'm NOT going to suggest eating more food when he's already gaining weight, because that's a strong indication that lack of food is not the key issue, especially when we've already uncovered that he just started college. We also know from his last thread that he's eating a very high quality diet, so a simple lack of calories wouldn't account for his sudden change in strength levels.
Suggesting that food might possibly be an issue is not bad advice. And it was simply my input on the manner, i in no way implied it was an end all be all or better advice than what anyone else has given. I gave him advice, you gave yours, just like so many other's did in this thread. However you felt the need to try to call me out for my advice and I think that was a dick move. If you think your advice is better give it and be done with it.
I didn't ask you to agree with me, what I told him was my opinion. Really who are you to call me out for giving an opinion and trying to help?
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