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Here's basically the program I've been running the past few months.
5/3/1 but with an extra light day for the main lifts.
I've altered 5/3/1 to do higher reps for some of my assistance lifts (8/5/3 and 10/8/5)
I just really like how the 5/3/1 forces you to progress, so I wanted to try something similar for assistance lifts.

So, I've got 5 basic workouts that I use for lifts:

5/3/1 =       Warmup                   Working
         40%x5,50%x5,60%x3,70%x3   week#1: 75%x5, 80%x5, 85%x5+, 75%x5+
                                   week#2: 80%x3, 85%x3, 90%x3+, 80%x3+
                                   week#3: 75%x5, 85%x3, 95%x1+, 75%x5+

8/5/3 =       Warmup                   Working
           50%x5, 60%x5            week#1: 70%x8, 75%x8, 80%x8+, 70%x8+
                                   week#2: 75%x5, 80%x5, 85%x5+, 75%x8+
                                   week#3: 70%x8, 80%x5, 90%x3+, 70%x8+

10/8/5 =      Warmup                   Working
           50%x5, 60%x5            week#1: 65%x10,70%x10,75%x10, 65%x10+
                                   week#2: 70%x8, 75%x8, 80%x8+, 70%x8+
                                   week#3: 65%x10,75%x8, 85%x5+, 65%x10+

Light =       Warmup                   Working
           40%x5 50%x5              60%x10,65%x8,70%x6,60%x10
                                 (deadlift: 60%x6,65%x6,70%x6,60%x6)

Extra =       Warmup                   Working
               none                 70%x6,65%x8,60%x10
And here is when I do them:
   Bench Press      5/3/1
   Deadlift         Light
   Btb DB Tri Ext.  8/5/3
   Hammer Curls     10/8/5
   Balance Ball Leg Curls  3 sets of 10

   Squat            5/3/1
   Bench Press      Light
   Pendlay Rows     8/5/3
   Squat            Extra

   Deadlift         5/3/1
   Overhead Press   5/3/1
   Squat            Light
   Lat. Pulldown    10/8/5
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