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is mental!!!
I'm quitting next week!
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Ironman Meet Training
P-Poopy-Doo Doo Routine
Week 4, Day 3
Light Day
135x 3
225x 2
315x 1
345x 1 +10 shrugs...vid. 80% of 1RM set by the boss. Nothing awesome, felt kinda slow off the ground but shot the hell up fast!
300x none! I'm not F'ing around switching all them plates Supposed to be 300x 5-8 singles at 70% of 1RM
315x 3
315x 3
315x 3 ...did well. Didn't feel like singles really and these were pretty simple til the last set, was getting tired then and head got worse!
Power Shrugs
425x 13~14 PR sort of? ...vid. I got so pissed off on this set! No idea why but started losing my grip. Not sure why but seems with anything fairly heavy after 8-10 reps even with straps my grip goes to F'ing sh!t!
425x 13 PR ...vid. +2 reps. Some redemption, but once again twards the end grip was basically gone!
425x 12 PR ...+1 rep.
Pull Ups
Bodyweight x 10
Bodyweight x 10
Bodyweight x 10 ...these sucked! I had nothing left after Power Shrugs! But whatever!
Done! 1 hour total. Ok overall, deads went really well, Power Shrugs started shitty but finished good, Pull Ups were disappointing!
Vid, naughty language(should have wrote that on vid, but already started loading it, so oh well!
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My Training Log

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