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Originally Posted by Squatter View Post
As I understand it, Creatinine is a by product of Creatine. However, if you take a buffered creatine, Creatinine will not occur. I use both Con-Cret and Purple K and have never had a problem with Creatinine.

Yes, deadlifts first on back day! It's the #1 back lift.

Indeed - insane volume on shoulders. Have you ever tried Face Pulls instead on bent over rear delt flys?
High creatinine levels in urine (remember the pee in a cup exercise?) means my kidneys were doing a crap job at clearing the creatinine (waste). In a diabetic this isn't great news. My levels in my blood itself were normal, so the instruction from the Doc was to reduce the grams of protein per day temporarily to see if my kidneys would return to normal... they did and so YEP, I'm back to about 1G per lb BW (185g-200g roughly).

Yes on the face pulls... the "Seated Row to Neck" is similar

Deads will be a part of my back day from now on!
This sumo stance takes my lower back out of the equation.

I still have some work to do before I get this sumo squat form down though.
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