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is mental!!!
I'm quitting next week!
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I thought that might be the case, but I didn't want to be the one to say it

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Great PRs and glad you're doing alright now. Good work in here.
Thanks Brute!

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What is with Wisconsin, lifting, sickness? Good job despite it. Seeing a doc about the issues?
Thanks bamazav! Just an weirdo day! Not going to the doc!

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Great workout and pr on top
Thanks jiorio! Appreciate you stopping in!

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Thanks JD!

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Ironman Meet Training
Bench Press Paused
135x 5
135x 5
225x 1 failed on 2nd. Not sure why I even went for 2, but did, and it whipped me!
205x 3
205x 3
205x 3 ...vid. I paused the first 2 fine and wanted 3 reps so last was touch and go so I wouldn't fail another rep today ! By now my head was super bad, and I should have quit!
Dumbell Rows
160x 6 PR ...vid. Felt exhausted here and was breathing like I ran a marathon! Actually hurt to breath!
120x 15 PR ...vid. After this I seriously thought I might die! Started to sweat like I was in a sauna, felt like puking, and then did, thought I was going to pass out! FEEL LIKE F'ING DEATH!!!
DONE! Took me a long time to not feel awful, and make it upstairs! Laid on basement floor for 15 minutes or so! Then finally upstairs to sit in front of my fan. Then 20 minutes later upstairs to load vids and log this wonderful workout, but I still feel bad! Trying to still take in fluids, but every drink I want to puke! Heads very bad, body feels beat up and I'm shaking, just not very good! No clue what happened. Wasn't going to lift, but gotta do work to improve!
Bench Press & Dumbell Rows - YouTube
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