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is mental!!!
I'm quitting next week!
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So as the title says, I've decide to do the Ironman for my next meet! Will be sending form and $$$ today!
As much as I'd like a bigger total, it's just not that important to me honestly! My first meet I only tried 6/9 lifts, with 2 of those 6 being misses. So basically I didn't even do half the meet! Doing bench or deadlift only seems like a waste of $ since its the same as doing both.
The meet is Nov. 16th & 17th, so I've got time to train and improve, hopefully ! Since I'm not actually "bulking" and I want to compete at 198 again, figured I'd start a new log!
Don't panic, there will still be babes!
I'm not going to give bench or deads any extra focus. I'll still train everything and I'm going to do more accessory work. At least that's my plan, we all know how well I stick to my plans ! Want to do lower weight high rep work for accessory and hopefully build some muscle. Not even going to bother writing out a routine or set anything since I never follow it anyhow! Going to do main lifts and get in as much accessory work as I can handle. It seems I'm going to have to start slow as I lost a bunch of strength with the months off before the meet. Did a light workout the other day and I have beginner DOMS, feel totally destroyed!
But there you go! Hope you enjoy my training and new log as much as my last one! Appreciate all your support!!

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