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Originally Posted by IrishHitman View Post
Awesome work man. Sounds like the grand was mental. You'll get back into it!
Made a few fundamental mistakes, that will not happen again!

Originally Posted by Mr.Silverback View Post
Awesome stuff Jb, sorry to hear bout the accident pretty sure you're some kind of superhero...just saying bro...I've never seen you and superman in the same room.

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Truth is, I forgot about it when I was lifting. Not so much that I blocked it out, as that I forgot haha. If I had of been thinking I wouldn't have took the 1k.

Originally Posted by CODY_SNIDER View Post
I bet the atmosphere was insane in there! Nice work big guy
It was good, but im sure when everyone gets on a meet prep cycle it would have been crazy. For the most part everyone is just doing some training right now. The big thing was the amount of knowledge in the room. I use to think I knew what I was talking about haha!

Originally Posted by ravimolasaria View Post
Get it next time for sure big man ...
No doubt, it was a close miss. I have a few months to get to 1050-1100. The goal if for 1k+ to be the 2nd attempt.

Originally Posted by nighttrain View Post
way to do JB... get it next time
No doubt! I will load it again in 4-6 weeks.
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