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Originally Posted by GT55 View Post
Don't know if the question was for me? I had experts in inverted commas for a reason. Thanks to Steve's recent bench press article on M&S I was able to jump my PR again, I know who to listen to. But then look at the media, videos or photos in a lot of articles and I see the thumbs around the back. Even the instructional video for benching on M&S has a guy with thumbs around back, although it specifically states in the article to never do that.
I'm not asking if its a good thing to do, just wondering why so many seem to do it if its lesson número UNO when you read any benching article. By the way, I've been lifting for 3 months, you have to assume I know jack shit.
Not really aimed at you, its more just a caution to people in general. Omar has made good progress, probably knows what he is talking about half the time, but when it comes to lifting advice, I just want people to be intelligent consumers.

I'll be honest, I've never watched any of his videos, but if he is using suicide grip on bench, its a bad idea. Elite level lifters can do what they want, but until then, stick with safe grips. Not wanting to come down on anyone here and I'm not against this guy. But if we start using a guy who is hitting 500x3 on the deadlift as a mentor, we lose sight of what is really possible.
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