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Originally Posted by musclenoob View Post
How many of you on here eat organic foods? Do you really think that it is better for you, or why do you do it? Are there pros and cons to it?
The question of organic foods is a complex what degree are they "organic"? Certainly not to the degree that most would consider to fall in the range of organic by their definition.

Having had the chance to learn a little about what constitutes organic "in terms of the law" it isn't by any means what organic should be or what we perceive it to be. To my knowledge, organic producers are currently being told they should make it more organic, and strangely, they're objecting to it...if it's already organic, why does it need to be made more organic? It should already be organic...someone will state that it can't be 100% organic, which is fine to say, but the point is people have been led to believe that the term organic means exactly that and are now finding out that it never meant that to start with.

Then, there's the added complication of people (manufacturers) that use foods within their product...they can claim theirs is organic, even if the foods they use within it are not from organic sources (I know this for a fact, since I got this from a person that uses other ingredients/suppliers of goods within his range, yet is still entitled to sell it under the banner of "organic").

Foods grown without lots of pesticides and cattle reared with minimal antibiotics and so forth will always be better for us...but the term organic, to some degree, is a scam.
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