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Originally Posted by MikeM View Post
I thought the "challenge" was to simply beat the number of the person previously? Thereby adding up as we go along and the challenge getting harder and harder. I was waiting until like 20-25 or so as I am good for that most days. I'll be out after like 33.

My money is on Miked blasting out 60 or so and hoping somebody beats him so he can go really hard, maybe 100 or so. He and Don would be a good showdown, but tthe rest of us? We're just window dressing until they start hitting it for real. haha.
Haven't done a pushup in quite a while this will be interesting.
1 hr time limit Mike, that number could get ridiculous. I can see doing 20 per min x 60= 1200 x .5 for 1 min breaks 600 pushups is very doable.

Hope this has revitalized your belief you can be victorious in this challenge. Stubbornness can win here.

18r @ 233 to keep this moving along.
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