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Originally Posted by Off Road View Post
What he's saying is that your squat is strong enough now that your recovery ability can't keep up with squatting three times a week. To continue to squat heavy three times a week will cause further stalls and even regression. Don't keep banging your head against the wall, it's time to use the Heavy/Medium/Light method and keep that progress moving forward. It's NOT a change of routine, it's a more complex progression plan that you are ready for.

I hurt myself really badly because I didn't evolve from Starting Strength when I should of. It's a great routine, but I think if one is going to push it too far they need a coach there watching them and telling them when to back off, when form is breaking down, etc. And that is simply not an option for 99% of us.
I never used the texas method, but it seems like a very prudent next step. You could also do Madcow 5x5. I did that routine, it was good, although when I compare it to the texas method I will admit the texas method is more appealing on paper.
If you are interested in a more "bodybuilder" type approach you could try a 3 day a week Heavy/Light/Medium full body. I actually have one specifically in mind if you are interested in the link.
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