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Originally Posted by Disciple X View Post
I dont understand a "portion"...

One of those posts said "Usda says a bagle should be 2 oz." Lol. What? A bagle can be any size it wants to be. I understand a serving size to quantify how much you're eating. I also understand the average person just plain eats too much.

Dont take this post as being smart... i seriously just dont get this. I eat two large meals a day. In my later meal, i eat at least 16 oz of meat. I could very easily eat that same amount is 3 or 4 smaller meals. ( over 5 if i went with the usda size of 3 oz listed earlier) so my portion size is 16 oz.

Is this thread just discussing the amount people eat in each meal compared to earlier years, or is it saying we should only eat 3 oz of meat at one time, etc?
The thread is basically just highlighting the differences over the years in relation to portion sizes and what a portion size is, which I've thrown in because some really don't know what is suggested as constituting a portion.

It doesn't matter whether a person eats 11 portions of the item (say carbs) in one meal or in two sittings, just that many don't even realise what one portion is and would see it as a plateful. And for those that are working out and/or bulking, it's different anyway, since they will naturally eat more (more portions) etc.

With regard to the bagel, yes, a bagel can be any size, the main point is that a person will see a bagel as one portion when in reality it constitutes 2-3 portions in relation to the food pyramid and such, in much the same way as a person that will fill a bowl with cereal and not realise that they are having the equivalent of 3 servings of carbs and not the one which they see as being a single bowlful.

Does that help at all?

Strangely for people using the food pyramid and knowing the suggested serving sizes, it can work, but not if they have no clue.

If I'd told people I was eating 11-14 portions of carbs, that would have been seen as a lot of carbs but the reality is very different.

With the alteration of food sizes over the years, people are just getting caught in a vicious circle of weight gain without necessarily understanding why; I thought it would be nice to show the way fiood portions/sizes have altered over the years.
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