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Originally Posted by Jamesw View Post
Its on!

Does it count if I'm using the doorframe bar? They are easier then a real bar.

Or do I need to wait until I can get to the playground? lol
No rules were in place and I'm certainly not the one to make them.
Just do it

Originally Posted by Dray View Post
So.. partials are okay, and straps too?

Or was that the camera angle. Hm...

Anyway, what are the conditions, if any?
Yeah they weren't full reps. Always train them so my lats have tension on them at all times. That camera sucked for movement not sure why just junk i guess.

Originally Posted by Tannhauser View Post
I see you're accompanied by 'Hello again' by The Cars, the world's skinniest pop band. Have you seen those guys? At 230, you must weigh more than all them put together
I grew up with this music Cars, Rush, April Wine, Areosmith, Thorogood, Journey, ACDC, SAGA into the Hairball era..... the list goes on. This stuff was always playing in the shop where I learned to turn a wrench. My older brother was into Drag racing & we both rode dirt bikes so lots of time spent in the garage. At 15 I bought my first car that was my brother & his friends old drag car 68 SS Chevelle. It was a shell, no engine, transmission or rear end so spent countless hrs working on restoring it or working on bikes ect. Good memories
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