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Originally Posted by Davis View Post
So basically, the paleo diet isn't necessarily stick to four basic foods, but rather based more on low carb and natural foods and ingredients?
Paleo is now sponsored by reebok and the corn industry.

Seriously though, Paleo has lost a lot of its spine. It has been caving to pressures of big agriculture, big govt, and big waistlines to take a more moderate, acceptable approach. I don't believe Paleo should include whey protein powder, coffee, tea, broccoli (its a pretty new thing actually) any grain, but should include more roots, fruits, big game, organ meats, and cowering from thunderstorms.

It's a great idea, but the truth is, dogma hurts any plan; diet, exercise, social, or interpersonal. If we stick to basic idea of more meat and fat, little to no refined food, and very little grain, taking whatever vegetables are in season, it's hard to go wrong. Do what makes you feel better and be healthy, not what the marketing machine tells you.
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