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Originally Posted by Soldier View Post
Thanks a lot guys. She has motivation issues sometimes because she doesn't realize how exceptional she is. I always tell her that with her build and natural strength there's no reason she can't be competing for titles at the state level within 5 years. As a smaller, lighter female powerlifter she doesn't have anything to compare herself to, and it gets to her that I can move so much more than her even though I weigh twice as much as her and am a foot taller.
I was just nosing around the internet for some other stuff and came upon this, which might be of some use as a goal etc. There's also an image there:

If you are not sure if you are deadlifting correctly, my advice is to ask this gal who weighs 114lbs and can dead lift 265lbs.

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Just let your wife know that most women never pick up a barbell or weight plate let alone the amount that she has, that speaks volumes to begin with.
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