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Not that I disagree with a whole of of what you said, but who are you trying to help with this?

Just to get some clarification around some of these points, can you address a few issues?

1. What is wrong with spending 2 hours in the gym? While I agree with the sentiment expressed by BendTheBar that if you can't destroy yourself in an hour, you aren't trying, I also know that implements training sessions can easily run 3-4 hours. I just want your take on time limits.

2. Do you allow more rest depending on training style? I need a good 3-5 minutes between sets of balls out squats or deadlifts before I feel it's safe to get back under the bar. Is this written with a specific goal in mind?

Again, in general, I agree with most of the stuff here, just curious what your take on the above points is.
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