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Day 2 of Volatile. Bench PR. Curl PR. The bros would be proud.

2 scoops today, minor increase in energy, think I'll stick to one scoop and my morning coffee though, seems to give the best results for what I need.

Energy 8/10 - Good energy today. Very good intra-lift recovery, especially as I'm running under 20g net carbs right now.

Pump 7/10 - Again, I like this, but this product actually seems to reduce the pump and let me get on with my life.

Focus - 10/10. Missed a bench attempt, came back and hit a couple more triples at that same weight. Some of this is my maturing as a lifter, but Volatile is helping quite a bit.

Crash 10/10

From here on out, I'll be logging the most relevant information. If a rating changes, I'll post that up as well, but I expect to get similar results each time.

Volatile gets a solid A rating so far.
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