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Originally Posted by noclue View Post
I want to gain some muscle since I have none. What drinks and foods can help me acchieve this besides starting to lift?
Eat good foods, at least most of the time (veggies, meats, fish, fruit, starches) or all of the time depending on how "clean" you prefer your diet, and as long as you eat more calories than the body is burning and add a little on top to permit the body to produce/build extra lean mass, that should work.

You may or may not want to go into macros P/C/F ratios and the like; you may also want to have protein shakes and bars...but they certainly aren't necessary and definitely not so much at the beginning level anyway; other's views on this may differ, but they may also be able to give you more guidance on their usages as well, whereas I can't since I don't use them.

If you're not gaining weight (slowly) or you start losing weight when you are trying to stabilise the weight you're at, then just readjust the diet slightly and recheck for a couple of weeks, both on the scale and using a tape measure (that can't be emphasised enough, an area that many don't bother with but it shows changes in your body which you may not see), and continue along those lines.

A food diary will help so that you can track what you've eaten and will help for a quick reference should you need to make changes etc.

Pictures taken once a month (for your own personal viewing, if preferred) will also help you see changes because you can sit them side by side and look at month 1 and compare it to month 3 to see whether you're progressing in the way you want to.
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