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Originally Posted by Fazc View Post
I think the only problem will be that you have to bear in mind Strongman isn't just about strength. Strength endurance and the ability to run/jog very fast under weight is very important. Running around with weight is a far-cry from being statically strong or even from just walking/dragging weight along and that needs to be catered for in training and you need some conditioning to be able to do so safely.

Strongman is a lot more than just static strength which you'd find in a PL or OL competition.
That is very true. Picking a 700 pound yoke is easy. Moving with just 500 pounds is a nightmare. Speed is big, and so it safety/technique. If the yoke begins to swing, there's a whole new level of difficulty in just staying alive, much less moving it forward.

Speed is a large part of what put me down to 4th in the competition i did last year. I'm a slow lumbering beast. My strength was lacking too, but some of the competitors were unbelievably fast. Resilient little buggers too. I still hadn't recovered from the yoke and it was time to do the Conan's wheel. I have GOT to get my conditioning up this year.
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