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Default Meanwhile, somewhere NOV.....

New routine, new log. I've been out of the gym for about 10 days. I plan on returning tomorrow afternoon.
I will be using 5/3/1 for probably the rest of the year.
During the first 2 cycles I will be using the "Periodization Bible" assistance template from the second edition of 5/3/1. There is no well thought out reason I will be using this template other than it seems to be a happy medium between "boring but big" and the "triumvirate".
Also, at the same time I am starting this I will be attempting to drop weight. For the first phase of cutting weight i will be cleaning up my diet, counting calories and attempting to eat a caloric deficit.
So that covers the basics of my current plan. I'm looking forward to getting back into the gym, being away is bad for my mind state. Onward and Up ward.
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