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Bench: Well sort of
3xlots with the bar
3x8@135- shoulder felt a little iffy
shirt on
1x1@525 2board
1x3@605 2board
1x0 700 chest
1x0@ 730 chest

Really bad bench day. We are down a person right now, So on the board reps one of my lift out guys was having to step around and hold the board. Decided I would just try to work to the chest. 700 took forever to get down and had to put it so far out of the groove that I couldn't recover on the way up. I wet the shirt a little and went to 730. Much better groove on the way down. Was able to touch in a decent spot, came off the chest so so, but elbows flared way too soon. I really need to work from the 1board a little to get the hang of keeping it in a better line the last two inches. Hopefully we can pick up someone to train on bench and squat day with us. After two crappy attempts at a bench, I threw on my Ram and decided I would do a few reps. Knocked out the first 25 pretty smooth at 245, and set up the last 5 reps. Tris were extremely pumped after that one, and my chest started to cramp. Still about 8lbs down from being sick. So I will be pounding water, and trying to get things fixed before next week.
Best meet lifts: 1010squat, 700 bench, 685 deadlift
Best total: 1003-700-677=2380
Pro Total@308

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