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Default Diminishing strength (time frame)

This is an interesting topic; I'm not entirely sure but I reckon I have not replicated my DL PB since about April this year, I believe (and certainly not since August)...Neither have I really done much heavy deadlifting, if any at times, since then...Yesterday, however, I equalled the DL PB once again.

The thing is that a good many sources, trainers and studies, continue to state that strength is lost relatively quickly, as in a few weeks. Any many newcomers to lifting get overly concerned about diminishing strength when they get injured and find themselves out of the gym for a few days.

The fact that my strength does not appear to have diminished flies in the face of the concept that strength gains are lost relatively quickly. It should also be of comfort to some that are out injured and worrying that they will lose a lot of their hard earned strength.

Does anyone else have personal experience of no or little substantial loss in strength gains after having a lay-off from training, for whatever reason?
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