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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
Good workout JB. What's your workout structure look like?
Please forgive all the spelling errors!

Well its going to be a little different this time around. Over the next 2 weeks I am going to just hit some bodybuilding type stuff. Just some things to shock my body. Going to look at sets in the 10-20 rep range. I have been handeling big weight for so many weeks in a row, I feel I need something different. My typical training week looks like this though

Mon: Bench, Tri excessories
Tues: Rear delt and some light lats depending on how sore from bench
Weds: Some sort of Bicep movements
Thursday: Speed bench day
Friday: Squat or deadlift
Saturday am: I am hit or miss on this day, I will hit my BIs again if I make it up early enough.

This training cycle I am going to attack my dead. Going to be doing some reverse bands, and some good mornings. I would rather do my speed day for bench on fridays, but the only time one of my training partners can be there is Mon, and Fri, so we work together.
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