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BendtheBar 12-07-2011 08:47 AM
Routine 1 - The Time Factor (1965) There’s a young man down the street from me who trains with weights. He’s been at it for about three years but...
BendtheBar 12-06-2011 09:33 AM
Are You Ignorant When it Comes to the Deadlift? by Mark Rippetoe T NATION | Are You Ignorant When it Comes to the Deadlift? It's not always...
BendtheBar 12-06-2011 09:32 AM
Weight Training and Body Structure by Evandra Camara (1982) The effects of weight training on body structure has been a subject much bandied...
BendtheBar 12-05-2011 10:32 PM
Clarence Bass By Denie Walters (1979) Bodybuilding’s Clarence Darrow Admittedly some similarities do exist between American law’s legend of...
BendtheBar 12-02-2011 08:50 AM
PERIODIZATION OF TRAINING Louie Simmons Anyone training for a meet has undergone some form of periodization. Unfortunately, most have misused a...
BendtheBar 12-02-2011 08:43 AM
OPTIMAL TRAINING Louie Simmons What is optimal training? It can be many things to many people. The optimal number of lifts is first and...
BendtheBar 12-01-2011 08:33 AM
Best Exercises You Aren’t Doing for Your Back By Christopher Smith The Best Exercises You Aren’t Doing for Your Back I remember seeing a...
BendtheBar 11-29-2011 09:06 AM
Meathead Inc. – It Gets Good When It Gets Hard This last Thursday, between the turkey and the pumpkin pie, I received Dave’s Thanksgiving e-mail...
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