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BendtheBar 01-21-2014 11:06 PM
by Dave Draper (1965) 1.) Evaluation First, before taking another workout, you must evaluate yourself. That is, determine your body type and...
BendtheBar 01-15-2014 12:27 PM
Over 90% of the questions Iím asked at the gym or via email are about the best weight lifting routine to get huge and strong. How many sets, reps,...
BendtheBar 01-07-2014 10:11 AM
1.) Situp 2.) Squat, followed immediately by 3.) Light Breathing Pullover 4.) Calf Raise 5.) Bench Press 6.) Stiff Legged Deadlift (once a week...
BendtheBar 01-04-2014 09:10 PM
by John Paul Catanzaro (2013) This hypertrophy routine involves tri-sets,which are basically three exercises performed one after the other with...
BendtheBar 01-04-2014 08:53 PM
Years ago, a fool proof method of bulking up was discovered. And yet gaining weight is a major problem with bodybuilders today because the old method...
BendtheBar 01-01-2014 07:22 PM
I always get a great deal of fun from some of the more dynamic "physical" culture ads. These are usually in the form of a cartoon series. The poor...
BendtheBar 12-29-2013 12:16 AM
The four day training cycle uses three consecutive days to train your whole body, followed by a rest day before you start the cycle over again. For...
BendtheBar 12-22-2013 10:02 PM
Probably the most misunderstood group of muscles of the entire male body are the trapezius, or 'traps'. Very, very rarely indeed do modern day...
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