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Default Volume on a fulbody workout

For me, the transition to a full body workout has been revolutionary. Glwanabe has gone into depth about fullbody work v’s split and why fantastic gains can be made with this style of training, but perhaps you still aren’t convinced, perhaps you are still thinking that the volume isn’t high enough, let me take the Reeves Classic as an example of the kind of volume you can expect on a fullbody routine. As this is most peoples concern with them... ‘They don’t hit the muscles hard enough’

Just 3 sets per body part......

Well lets take a look at that.

Legs get hit pretty hard with the back squats... 3 sets per day on the Quads, Glute’s and (providing you are going deep) Hams, 3 times per week that’s 9 sets for each of the above body parts, not forgetting we are hitting the calves for 3 sets, 3 times per week. 9 sets in total for the calves (you will never have chicken legs again) 36 sets typical bodypart split equivalent for legs.

Gets hit with 3 sets twice a week and then 3 sets of dead’s once a week), again that’s 9 sets for the back, plus pull-ups can be added to two of the days with the Rows giving you 13 sets for the back... not forgetting the deadlift’s hit almost every muscle in the body (especially the traps, so that’s 3 sets for the traps too).

Again 3 sets 3 times per week, that 9 sets directly hitting the shoulders (BTNP or dumbbells as far back as is comfortable) are recommended as they hit the whole of the shoulder, where as a standard Barbell military press primarily places the stress on the Anterior delt. They also get hit hard with the Bench pressing for a further 9 sets and with the dips for a further 15 sets per week. That’s 33 sets either directly or indirectly hitting the delts. Didn’t you always say you wanted coconut shoulders

Standard 3 sets per day Bench press here, gives 9 sets again for the chest, but we also do 5 sets per day of dips which hit the chest nicely (as long as you are leaning in to the movement), that’s a further 15 sets. A total of 24 sets for the chest !!!

Hah the all important ‘gunz’. Biceps get hit directly for 3 sets per day, thats 9 sets for the Bi’s but again indirectly for another 13 sets with the Back. A total of 22 set’s for the bi’s. Triceps get hit for 5 sets per day with the dips that 15 sets per week, plus assisting with the chest and shoulder presses too, thats another 18 sets. So a total of 33 set’s for the tri’s, directly and indirectly. That’s 55 sets for the arms.

The 6 pack most people want is just a diet and a fullbody routine away. Not only are the abs getting hit for 9 sets directly, but because most of the movements are the big compound movements then the core is getting a hammering as well with over 50 sets altogether.

If you want to really work your body as a UNIT, hit all the muscles with enough sets to make them grow, but not have to worry about this part this day and the days work overlapping with the next. Stressing if you miss a day as you done know when you can fit it in again, without messing up your entire schedule. Then I vote for full body.

This site has a whole sub-forum dedicated to the fullbody workout, now I can see why

would like to hear everyone else's thoughts on this too and if they think the amount of volume is actually one of the reasons they ARE so effective and not necessarily the apparant lack of volume that makes them so effective...


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