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big_swede 12-01-2013 11:52 AM

4 week block program
Program is over 4 weeks, each week you will train 3-5 times depending on your goals. This program uses squat and bench as the main movements, deadlift and overhead press are on its own days, but those lifts are up to you to decide how to program. Its not rocket sience after all.

First month, first week (accumulation)
Squat day
Squat - 3-4 sets of 10 with 50-60% of 1rm. Program light here, especially if you are coming from a low-rep program.
Paused front squat - 5x3 w 2ct paus. Bust your ass.
SLDL's 3-5x8
Other assistance exercises of your choice.

Bench day
Paused bench, 3x10
Paused bench (5s paus) 5x3 or (2s paus) 3x5
Overhead press or inclince bench 3x8-10
CGBench or floor press - Chase the pump, build tricepts. Go as heavy as you can. Try to paus all reps. Aim for 5-10 reps each set.

Deadlift and back
A deadlift variation and then alot of heavy rows.

Overhead day
Pushpress, military press or log press, I alternate between 5s, 3s and to work up to a 1rm.

Week 2 is the same but you use a heavier weigth on squat and bench, and you do 3x8. On week 3 you do 4x6 and on week 4 you do 5x3. The first month (accumulation) you pick a weight that you know you can finish all reps with and move without having to grind to much. Smoth reps please.

Month 2
Add weight to your sets of 10 on squat and bench, add accordingly to the 8s, 6s and 3s. Pick a weight you can complete all reps with but one thats still humbling.

Continue this way, add weight to your rep sets. When you are done with your 3-4x10 on week 1, decide right there what week you are going to use next week and stick to that decision. Continure this way, and try to hit a rep or rep pr on squat and bench each week.

To sum it up:
wk 1 3x10
wk 2 3x8
wk 3 4x6
wk 4 5x3

Repeat with more weight next month, try to always hit rep pr's.

skids 12-01-2013 12:59 PM

Very Nice Big Swede, thanks for sharing.

afraziaaaa 12-01-2013 08:52 PM


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