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BendtheBar 08-23-2013 12:33 PM

Matt Kroc 16 Week Strength Program & Diet

Matt Kroc's 16 Week Strength Program & Lean Gain Diet Plan

Muscletech and powerlifting/bodybuilding phenom Matt Kroc present a strength program designed to drive up gains by increasing intensity over a 16 week period.


This training program is designed around a four day training week with a split that alternates the assistance work every other week but the main compound lifts are trained following a weekly progression over a 16 week training cycle. It is a challenging program but followed to the letter it will yield impressive gains in strength and size.

Before starting this program you will need to take true maxes on your squat, bench, deadlifts and standing military presses. It is important that those numbers are accurate and never overestimate your maxes or this will lead to overtraining and a lack of progress.

This program is built around basic compound movements which will yield the greatest gains in size and strength when trained properly.

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