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BendtheBar 07-08-2011 11:15 PM


Video tại - Đăng tại www.KyXaoViet.Com

Creechur 07-09-2011 12:10 AM

No wonder I couldn't get the stretch I was looking for...I was doing them wrong. Thanks for the video BtB. The guy who was demonstrating looked jacked.

BendtheBar 07-09-2011 12:15 AM

No problem.

The RDL is often confused with the SLDL, and probably still will be misunderstood in 30 years.

I was taught by a powerlifter so I had a good head start. He instructed me to stick the ass back, which allows the bar to roll down the legs. I am still learning to master the exercise myself, and this video helped me quite a bit.

MikeC 07-09-2011 10:57 AM

Well I learned sumthin' today!

Mr.Silverback 07-09-2011 10:59 AM

this is what I needed to see, Mark really knows his stuff. I ran the 5x5 program twice and my bench jump from 340 to 405 the first cycle and 405 to 430x3 the second cycle. Of course this was about 3 years and 100lbs Needless to say it works.

Getting back to the RDL, I see people doing it wrong or just flat out calling the SLDLs. I wish I could show the world this

Carl1174 07-12-2011 04:15 PM

awesome video...


Aurik 07-12-2011 04:35 PM

Rippetoe definitely knows his stuff and tells it how he sees it. Definitely a good vid. Thanks, Steve!

LtL 07-12-2011 04:37 PM

Great vid' Steve.


wesrman 07-12-2011 10:40 PM


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