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Default Ex-hardgainer routine - log

Posted this in the M&S forums, but figured I'd dup it here to get feedback from this group as well.

5'10"; 162 lbs starting weight. Goal is to get as big as possible.

Well I finally picked a routine, Steve S' ex-hardgainer workout. I think it works perfectly for me because of the slightly higher rep ranges and focus on hitting rep targets rather than weight targets.

I'm not good with the 3x5 routines mostly because my instinct is to push, push, push when it comes to adding weight. This led to lower back stiffness in the past and me quitting after a few weeks. Likewise, I like the feel of 8 reps better. Never felt like I was working hard enough on 3x5s either, even though I certainly was. Just like the pump and feeling of slightly higher rep ranges.

Today was day 1:

Squat: 115x9, 8, 8...hit all 25 reps so I'll add 10lbs next time I do this workout. God I hate squats.

Bench: 115x9,8,8...hit all 25 reps. This actually felt somewhat easy. I'm inclined to up the weight by 10lbs next week, but also want to make sure I leave room for slow & steady progress rather than pushing too hard, too soon.

DB Row: 35x9, 8, 8...hit all 25 reps. Will definitely go up to 40lbs dbs next week.

BB Curl: 50lbsx 9, 8, 8...hit all 25. Pretty spent after but should be okay to add the 5lbs to the barbell next week.

Hit the weighted sit-ups with a 25. Got the 45 reps in. Will jump next time.

Also did some hyperextensions because I've had to deal with lower back soreness when lifting in the past. Felt great, actually.

Ready to up all the weights on this workout next week, and ready for day#2 on Monday!

Anyone else ever done this routine? Results?

Also, here's my eating log from yesterday:
Might as well put up today's food log since I can't fall asleep:

Slept in a bit, so I went from breakfast right into lunch.

Breakfast: 2 whole wheat waffles; 4 turkey sausage links; glass of whole milk; glass of OJ

Lunch (2.5 hrs. later): Roast beef sandwich on wheat; hard-boiled egg

Snack: Grilled chicken cheesesteak

Cranberry Juice w/ creatine pre-workout

Whey protein shake PWO

PWO meal: Turkey sandwich on wheat w/ cheese. Glass of whole milk. Strawberries.

Late meal: Turkey burger on whole wheat bun with cheese. Whole milk.

Was on the road with the Mrs. running errands all day, so I'm guessing I'm a tad below my target caloric intake for the day. Usually have another full meal in there.

Couple of beers...ooppss..
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