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HIThopper 03-20-2012 05:45 PM

High Frequency Westside (Kinda!)
Hey folks

Thought I would start posting my lifts up over here, seems like a great place with lots of strong Pler types.

So far I only have a couple meets up my sleeve, all raw with wraps but things are on the up over here in Australia so hopefully we can get more meets going locally.

Heres a weeks or so of training to kick it off.

ME Squat Day

I squatted vs 4 chains today, worked up to an attempt with 166kg on the bar and missed it. Bah, I think my stance was in a touch closer than normal. I did backoffs for reps after and then worked chins and hammies. Pretty good day despite the missed attempt.

ME Squat Day 9/3/12

Squat + 4 Chains

1x2 130kg
1x1 145kg
1x1 155kg
1xM 166kg
1x8 120kg
1x7 127.5kg
1x5 135kg


1x5 + 10kg
1x7 +16.25kg
1x7 + 11.25kg
1x9 +6.25kg


Bench/Squat Day

Bench went pretty well today, I woorked around a 6rm, or very close to it and did sets. I felt better with each progressing set so parctice does make perfect! I then squatted with the SSB to a max and finished with military press. Good day.

Bench/Squat Day 10/3/12

Paused Bench

1x1 110kg
1x6 90kg
1x6 92.5kg
1x6 95kg
1x6 90kg
1x6 91kg

SSB Squat + Red band

1x 101kg (PR)
Did about 25 reps for backoffs but I forget now!


5 sets

ME Squat Day

Had a strong day today, I squatted with the straight bar and 3 chains + an orange band. This went well as I got pretty close to my record with just the band on there. I did quite a few sets then hit abs, GHRs to finish. Legs were all swole up after this! Good day.

ME Squat Day 11/3/12

Squat + Orange Band and 3 Chains

1x1 125kg
1x1 135kg
1x1 140kg
1x1 142.5kg
3x2 100kg short rests
3x2 105kg short rests
1x2 110kg
1x2 120kg
TBH I foget?


3x 25,15,12 BW


1x8 BW
3x 10,9,8 + 5 kg

HIThopper 03-20-2012 05:45 PM

ME Squat Day

Squatted vs a blue and orange band today, alot of bands is never fun but it worked me good! I hit a max and then backed off for volume. I then pulled sumos from a small defecit to a heavy single with lots of speed pulls before. Finished with rows I think.

ME Squat Day 12/3/12

Squat + Blue and Orange Band

1x1 103.5kg (PR)
1x1 105kg (PR)
Volume backoffs, I forget I remeber doing 5s which sucked with heavy bands.

Def Sumo + Doubled minis

3x1 105kg
3x1 110kg
3x1 120kg
Singles Up to 155kg

DB Rows

1x15 30kg
2x15 40kg

Bench/Squat Day

Benched sets of 4 today, it went ok didnt feel super strong but got some good sets in.I squatted with the SSB and 3 chains after, hips were tight and took a while to warm up. Is till beat my record with that combo tho. I finished with presses, these went well too.

Bench/Squat Day 13/3/12

Paused Bench

1x4 97.5kg
1x4 100kg
2x4 102.5kg
2x4 97.5kg

SSB Squat + 3 Chains

1x1 139kg (PR)
20-25 Reps backoffs


5 sets

ME Squat Day

I decided to test the waters today and squat straight weight, spent the whole day in a stressed out frenzy and my head was really not in it.I worked up and missed 170kg, stress is a muth****a! But the backoffs went pretty well, I hit a nice set of 8 with 3 wheels. Legs are growing nicely from the rep work.

ME Squat Day 14/3/12


1x1 140kg
1x1 150kg
1x1 162.5kg
1xM 170kg
1x8 135kg
1x8 140kg
1x4 145kg

Massive headache so shut it down.

ME Squat Day

Tried straight weight again, for something different.I got to 157.5kg which was way tougher than it should have been. So I dropped way down and did ALOT of sets. I topped out at 145kg for a tough double but in my defence I had already done 17 sets before that! LOL I finished off with UDLs which destroyed my hips and then black band GMs. To down after that.

ME Squat Day 15/3/12


1x1 140kg
1x1 150kg
1x1 157.5kg
5x2 115kg
5x2 120kg
5x2 125kg
1x2 135kg
1x2 140kg
1x2 145kg

UDLs Light (never done em)

1x12 40kg
1x12 50kg
2x12 60kg

Black Band GMs


That oughtta shake it up a bit!

HIThopper 03-20-2012 05:46 PM

Bench/Squat Day

I did paused singles today and then a bunch of assistence work, it went pretty well, the singles didnt feel great but they were not heavy either, more awkward. Bench feels weird ATM! I then did close grips and some incline dumbells followed by SSB anderson squats with chains. These went great and blew me up. Good day.

Bench/Squat Day 16/3/12

Paused Bench

3x1 107.5kg
3x1 110kg
3x1 112.5kg

CG Bench

6 sets Up to 85kg x8,7,6

Incline DBs


Pin 28 SSB Anderson Squat + 2 chains

1x1 110kg
1x1 120kg
1x1 127.5kg
1x1 130kg
1x1 132.5kg
4x3 100kg
4x3 102.5kg
1x3 107.5kg
1x3 110kg

ME Squat Day

Solid day today, I worked squats with the red band on there and hit a PR of 145kg. I tried doing backoffs but my legs were jelly so I only managed 6 sets. I then rack pulled from below the knees and finished off with RDLs and pullthrus, hams were working OT fo sho.

ME Squat Day 17/3/12

Squat + Red Bands

1x1 120kg
1x1 130kg
1x1 137.5kg
1x1 145kg (PR)
3x2 100kg
3x2 105kg

Sumo Rack Pulls

Warmups all 8 reps
1x8 160kg
1x8 180kg
1x7 200kg


5x10 To 125kg

Purple Band Pullthrus


Bench/Squat Day

I just didnít feel like squatting today, at least not first anyways! So I benched, I worked heavy 6s after some submax singles. I got about a kg off my old PR so not bad. I then did MPs for quite a few sets and some tricep extensions. I finshed with front squats.This is the first time doing them in about 3 years, I now remember why. Any squat that works my shoulders more than my back and legs can **** right off. Only way Iíll do these again is with a harness. I finished with high rep GMs so I at least felt a bit worked.

Bench/Squat Day 18/3/12

Paused Bench

1x1 110kg
1x1 115kg
1x6 92.5kg
1x6 96.5kg
1x6 92.5kg
1x6 95kg
1x6 92.5kg

Military Press


BB Extensions


Front Squats

1x1 85kg
1x1 95kg
1x1 102.5kg
1x1 107.5kg
1xM 112.5kg Bar rolled off shoulders after I settled my stance


3x15 to 90kg

HIThopper 03-20-2012 05:47 PM

ME Squat Day

Kicked it off with SSB squats and an orange band today, worked up to a new record of 131kg, I then repped out for 3 sets with the plan of doing a bunch of single leg volume after.I got a bit caught up with lat work first and tanked out so I’ll pummel leg volume tonight to be sure! Lats is one thing I could do more of, trying to fix that. Good day anywho.

ME Squat Day 19/3/12

SSB Squat + Orange Bands

1x2 105kg
1x1 115kg
1x1 122.5kg
1x1 131kg (PR)
1x9 105kg
1x7 110kg
1x3 117.5kg

Super wide stance on Box

1x8 70kg
1x8 90kg


1x5 +10kg
1x8 +16.25kg
1x8 +11.25kg
1x8 +8.75kg

DB Rows

3x8-10 To 45kgea

HIThopper 03-20-2012 05:48 PM

ME Squat day

I did anderson squats to pin 28 today, this places me at about paralell, maybe a tad higher, right below where I stick in the squat.I worked up to a top single of 157.5kg, paused on the pins that was one biatch heavy lift.I did a tonne of backoffs for triples and then did defecit split squats. Had some weirdness going on with my rh hip flexors (which when done heavy these always aggrevate) so I started off extremely light and will build from here. I finished with leg curls for high reps. Solid day, not one ounce of energy left.

ME Squat Day 20/3/12

Pin 28 Anderson Squat

1x2 125kg
1x1 135kg
1x1 142.5kg
1x1 150kg
1x1 155kg
1x1 157.5kg
All 30 secs rest between sets
3x3 120kg
3x3 125kg
1x3 130kg
3x1 135kg

Def Split Squat

3x10 10kgea
1x10 20kg

Band Leg Curls


LtL 03-20-2012 05:50 PM

Nice work in here. Good to have you on board. You have any video of your lifts?


HIThopper 03-20-2012 05:53 PM

Sure mate

It wont let me post urls yet tho gotta hit 15 posts!

Fazc 03-20-2012 05:59 PM

Welcome to the forum.

HIThopper 03-20-2012 06:06 PM

Thanks Faz, seems great here

BendtheBar 03-20-2012 06:07 PM

Subbed. Moving iron in here. Looking forward to big PRs.

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