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Going to start a log here. A little about myself...I'm 56 years old, 5'10" tall, about 300 lbs. I compete in geared Bench Only comps with a PR single ply lift of 340Kg and multiply of 342.5Kg. My training is specifically geared for increasing bench.

My training split is(usually):
Back Day
Speed Bench & support
Leg day
ME bench day

the days may vary and sometimes,when life gets in the way, I will combine lifts. We all know that sometimes injurys or life in general will alter your game plan.

I do not use any specific program. I vary my lifts, weights, reps to keep it interesting and fun for me. I lift for me. I don't care what is on the end of the bar during support lifts. If I'm getting the work done I I don't keep track of any PR's except the ones that happen on the platform.

Right now I'm nursing a right shoulder injury. Not sure what the problem is, but I think it's micro tears in either the bicept or pec minor, or both. I have a bench comp scheduled for April 14th, WABDL in Wisconsin Dells. My planned lifts are, 320Kg opener, 335Kg 2nd, 350Kg 3rd and if that's successful, 365Kg 4th. That can all change alot depending on how things are progressing.

Anyway: Missed training yesterday so today went:

rotator stetch & warmup
flat bench(rehab)
bar x 30 x 2
135 x 15 x 3
225 x 10 (this made the shoulder ache)

Key presses x 3
Hammer curls x 3
Lat pulls x 3
tri ext x 3
seated rows x 3

Not alot but got the blood flowing pretty good. I also ice my shoulders after every training session. Anyone with any suggestions or comments, feel free.
"I can't wait 'til tomorrow, 'cause I get stronger every day!"
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