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Default Powerlifting and Music

Hey, guys. I figured I'd start this up for the fun of things. Tonight, since I'm lazy, I'm not going to write a lot. I hope. Seinfeld is about to come on TV and I can't miss that.

Anyways, I'm Christian. I'm 18 years old, I enjoy low rep squats on the, I enjoy lifting and I'm a musician.(How on earth will I ever be a working musician and the World's Strongest Man? Maybe I'll figure it out one day) July 29th, 2012 will mark two years that I've been lifting.

Current training maxes for 531: Squat: 350, Bench: 225, Deadlift: 420, Press: 150. Body weight: Around 193. Almost 40 pounds gained since I started. I'm still lean and quite a bit stronger. I can't complain. I didn't start to get really fat. Just really muscular and strong....(maybe extra fat if I compete in WSM one day)

Friday March 2, 2012: (3x3 week)
Deadlifts: 380x3. Could've done moree, but saving it for a rep record with 400.
Deficit deads: 315 2x3. Could really feel these bothering the quads and hips. Good.
Good mornings: Up to 175 for 3..or 4...or 5. At least 3.
Ab work.

Saturday March 3, 2012:
Press: 135x5. PR. You have no idea how long I've wanted to do this.
Close grip bench: Up to 175x5.
Upper back accessory, arm work.

Monday March 5, 20125/3/1 week)
Squats: 330x2. PR for the weight and rep. Not a lot of mobility work lately so these were harder than they should have been, yet "easy" too.
Paused squats: 245 3x3.
Front squats: Up to 205x3 then a back down set of 155x8 or 9. I get bored over 6 reps on anything but heavy deadlifts.
Yes, 45 minutes of squatting. Next cycle I'm back to RDL's on squat day.

Nonsense: I had to wait about 20 minutes for a group of three kids. 1/3 of them squatted to depth. Their max weight was 225...then they started doing endless sets of calf raises with 185! How in the hell do you expect to grow calves with that? I mean, less than you freakin squat? I don't care if you have 40" calves in mind, I have a 400 lb squat in mind. (I know, they have as much right as I do to use the rack)

Well, dang. I'm missing Seinfeld. Thanks for reading. Hopefully I'll keep ya entertained.
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