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Default BigJosh's "Working out like a bodybuilder"

Hey guys. I am using a 3 day split style routine for the next 6-8 weeks. I am going to do this routine just for a short stint until I get back to power building.
It will consist of a squat day, a deadlift day and a bench press day. You could also categorize these days as legs, pull, push. Along with the primary movement I will be doing other work.
I will focus on more volume and lighter loads. Of course I will focus on progression, but it will be slow and I want to start off light. Also, I may be using a movement here and there that I normally wouldn't use. DB bench press instead of barbell for example. And possibly front squats instead of back squats.
After the A/B routine, I am looking to ease back into things. The A/B routine was a bonafied killer. Easily the most intense routine I've ever used. You can see that log here:
I will be going back and officially closing out that log here in the near future.
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