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Default Uncle Slam's Afghan log

Alright round 2 in this lovely country in the Hindu Kush begins again for me. My goal is to get super strong while remaining fit. Due to the fact of my job I may not be able to post some of my workouts everyday in case of a mission or other. But I will do my best to keep it updated. Im open to criticism and any suggestions anybody has.

The gym on my base is decent and has the following; 2 Benches, 1 Squat Rack, lots of bumper plates, lots of iron plates, Rings, Boxes, 1 Leg Press Machine, Dumbells ranging from 25lbs to 100lbs, Ghetto ass tri pushdown device thingy, Small mat for combatives.

Ok we also have in my platoon's compound a Maxpro Tire with frame still in it, small tire, 25lb sledgehammer, and lots of sandbags. I have a 100lb Powerbag, Ab roller and sandbag sprint bag. What I am working on is to acquire a sled, strongman log, and maybe the molds for atlas stones (I need the cement though).

My diet if Im on the base will be dependent on the Chow Hall. An example would be this;

0600: 25 grams Whey Iso.
0800: 1 Omelet half beeter half eggwhites with Ham, Cheese, Tomatoes. Pineapples, Turkey Bacon.
1000: 1000mg Milk (about 29 grams protein)
1200: Some type of lean meat, rice, fruit and salad.
1400: 1000mg Milk
1700: Some type of lean meat, rice, fruit and salad.
2000: 1000mg Milk
2200: 25 grams Cassein.

Again this is all dependent on the chow hall and obviously if Im out on mission its First Strikes or MREs for chow.

Now for the workout Im gonna lift Mon,Wed,Fri and saturday will be a strongman event day. Tue,Thur will be what I call sweat days.

Anyway yesterday this is what I did:

Mon 10Oct2011
Powercleans: 185lbs x5, 205lbs x3, 225lbs x1, 235lbs x1, 245lbs x1.
Flat BB Bench: 225lbs x5, 275lbs x3, 295lbs x1, 305lbs x1, 315lbs x1.
Back Squat: 315lbs x 5, 365lbs x3, 385lbs x1, 405lbs x1, 425lbs x1.
Hammer Curls: 60lbs x10, 70lbs x8, 80lbs x6, 90lbs x4.
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