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Default Soldier's high volume training, high volume fat log

I'm making some changes in my training, so I thought I'd do a log to help me keep track of what I'm doing. I'm combining a completely new diet with a completely new training plan, so It should be interesting to see the results.

I'll be following the Anabolic diet for a while. I'm shipping for the Army in January, so I'll need to stop using it before then and get reacquianted with carbs, because I won't be able to control my diet while I'm at basic training, and I don't want to add to the trauma of shipping by having to switch my diet when I get to the base.

I plan to follow the anabolic diet's suggested macronutrient ratio of 60% fat, 35% protein, and 5% carbs during the week, then carb up Friday night and Saturday. I'll be doing this for a few weeks, then adjusting my calories and possibly my carb up schedule to cut some fat. my goal is to be under 200 lbs. before I ship. I'm currently 210 lbs.

Supplements are creatine and whey, but I'm also in the first week of PCT for a cycle of a PH. for the next 3 weeks I'll be taking nolva and Erase to get my natural test production back up to speed. I haven't had a single symptom of shut down at all, so I don't think this PCT plan will have much affect on my results.

I've been taking it easy in the last month or so, so I'm ready to do at least a couple cycles of high volume training. I will be using hints of the "grease the groove" method by using a standard workout 5 days a week and varying the intensity of each workout in a planned format. I'll plan to add weight to the workout after every deload week, which will be the fourth and last week of each cycle.

I have to do a PT session with other future soldiers every week. I'm supposed to go both Tuesday and Thursday, but I only have to go once and usually only go to the Tuesday session. It's possible that I'll be forced to go to the Thursday sessions sometimes.

The main workout will be 4 movements performed in order for 5 circuits. It's deisgned so that all I need is a loaded bar, a bench, and the right pair of dumbells. The idea is to use somewhat heavy weights to build muscular endurance while doing circuits to build cardiovascular endurance while burning fat.

Main workout-
Front squat 135x10, dumbell bench 85x5, power clean and push press 135x5, Bent over row 135x10.

I'll also be doing 3 sessions a week specifically working on abs, calves, and neck. Abs because I'll need them for the Army, calves because they've always been small, and neck because the Army figures out your bodyfat % by measuring your neck and your waiste and comparing the two. The thicker my neck, the less fat the Army will think I have. Chaulk it up to working the system, or at least keeping things even, since I'm working my abs hard too.

Here's the weekly plan-
Monday morning- Abs, calves, and neck
Monday afternoon- Main workout -40lb.
Tuesday- PT
Wednesday- Abs, calves, and neck
Thursday- Main workout as written
Friday morning- Abs, calves, and neck
Friday afternoon- Main workout -20lb.
Saturday- Main workout +20lb.
Sunday- Main workout

Each workout will be performed as quickly as possible, but won't be timed. I'll follow this weekly plan without changing weights for 3 weeks, then do a deload week. I'll base my deload week on how I feel. If I'm completely drained then I'll just do PT and nothing else. When I start the next cycle I'll add 10 lbs. to the main workout lifts and follow the same plan again.

Alright, here we go. Bring on the soreness, bring on the aches! Oh, and bring on the fiber supplements!

:chow :
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