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glwanabe 09-14-2009 06:29 PM

glwanabe log
Current plan is 3X week whole body compound.
5X5-8, Start with a weight that you can just get 5X5.
Each session try to push an extra rep: 5X5-5X6-5X7-5X8.
When all sets are done at 8 reps, increase weight.

I'm playing with my weights for a few sessions to feel things out for this plan.

My work schedule is currently Sat-Tues, 03:00am to 01:00pm, off Wed-Friday
This gives me two days off work when I can lift.

I drink a protein shake at work right before leaving, and workout as soon as I get home.
I'm normally lifting by about 1:30pm, and have to be done by 2:30pm. I get to play DAD the taxi
driver for my 16yr old High school junior.

Home gym setup:

310lb Oly set,
150 lb 1" bar set
squat stands
bench with incline
lat tower
gymnastic rings
mini parallel bars
dumbell handles

================================================== ========

Sep 11,
back squats 5x5@150
deadlifts 5X5@180
presses 5x5@90
dips 5x5bodyweight
chins 3x3

Good workout! felt worked but not totally fried. Felt good over the weekend.
================================================== =======

Sep 14th,
Back squats 5X8@t 130
Bent rows 5X5@ 130
Presses 2X8@90/3X6@90
dips 5X8 bodyweight on bars
wide chins 3X5 bodyweight

Was ready to workout today. Got a decent nights sleep last night, and work was not a PIA.

I'm expecting to see these numbers increase as I get back into this style of training again. I think I'll go back to the higher Back squat weight of the 11th and up the reps by 1 next time. Work in progress.

jwood 09-14-2009 06:33 PM

I like the log and look forward to reading it.

Question on sep 11 you list squats and on the 14 you list back squats, were the squats on the 11 also back squats?

glwanabe 09-14-2009 06:46 PM

Yes they were both back squats. I'll be rotating front squats and back squats on this program starting this week.

BendtheBar 09-14-2009 07:32 PM

Glad to see the log. Looking forward to learning, and seeing you progress.

rippednmichigan 09-14-2009 07:48 PM


Originally Posted by MuscleandBrawn (Post 5128)
Glad to see the log. Looking forward to learning, and seeing you progress.

Ditto, hit hit hard.

big valsalva 09-14-2009 11:57 PM

Glad to see your journal. Bang 'em hard!

bwys61 09-15-2009 07:29 AM


glwanabe 09-15-2009 06:54 PM

Body stats as of Sep 15th.
Age 47
Height 66"
Weight 175lbs
Thighs 23.25"
Waist 35.25"
Biceps 15.25"
Chest under arms 41.25"
Around shoulders 47"

My weight has not changed much over the last several months, but I can see the changes in the mirror. I am replacing fat with muscle.

I've not been in a rush to push too hard too fast, but still making sure I'm steadily increasing my workload. I don't want to aggravate old injuries, and force another break. I've come a long way in the last year, and I feel ready to shift gears, and go a bit harder.

My knees are feeling a little weak, but not like I'm going to fast for them. They are just feeling worked from the squats. Looking forward to try to get my squat numbers back into the "3's". Getting to 300 on squats may not happen due to old problems, but I'm giving an honest attempt.

When my overhead pressing numbers meet my bodyweight, I'll start to bench again.

I have a plate and 5 screws holding my left wrist together. So far it feels fine, and I have full range of motion. (a forced break issue) Racking the weights Olympic style for front squats does not induce any issue's so far.

Feel good today after yesterdays work. Looking forward to Wednesdays session.

BendtheBar 09-15-2009 10:16 PM

Do you do any wide stance squats, or keep them generally narrow? And how about front squats? Use those at all?

glwanabe 09-16-2009 08:48 AM

Yes I do front squats. I've learned to really appreciate them as part of an overall program. I'm sure you know of the, "Deepsquatter" website. I have been using the 12 week oly lifting plan from there.

Olympic Weightlifting Primer

I was at about week 10 on that plan, and then lost my workout space during a home remodel. The workout on the 11th was the first workout I was able to do again back in the garage. It was about a month of no garage space.

During the remodel, I had just a barbell and a few plates under the bed. I had very limited space to workout in my bedroom but made the most of it. It reminded me of when I was a teenager working out in my bedroom. Except I didn't just work my biceps.

I did squats, back to warmup, front and overheads. SLDL, rowing, and presses. I was doing that 3X a week. I was only using 110lbs for this time period. I had to be careful getting the weight up due to very limited space issues. I still got decent workouts in though

Trying to execute good technical form on the snatch, made me realize I was way to weak, and needed much better flexability. So that is my current plan. Increase my flexability, and basic compound strength moves.

With some other factors requiring time from me over the next month or so, this seemed like the right time implement my current 3X wk. plan.

All of my back squats are done Olympic style. Medium wide stance, ATG. If I was doing wider stance and not going so far down I could probably post a bit higher number, but that would be counter to my long term goal, put a decent snatch weight up.

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