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Default CLEEPERS Reeve's classic physique log

Im new here but a lot of you guy's know me from Ms. to those that dont, I have been on this routine for quite some time after seeing the results Carl was getting on it with GLWANABE's help. Here it is
Week 16 Day 3
Squats ATG135x9+1

Regular style Dead Lifts215x5 +5 lbs
225x5+5 lbs
255x5+5 lbs

Chin ups shoulder width grip 3 sets as many as possible12

Behind the Neck press145x10
145x10+2( had enough so I went for it. Could have done more i think)

Bench Press150x10
200x9. after going for more reps on shoulder press the last few reps should have been hard but i tried a leg drive technique I seen today that showed me I was not using enough leg drive. It seemed to work well as i really felt the reps going up easier.

Barbell Curls95x10

BOdy weight Dips5x10. last 2 sets were hard to finish but I still pushed through it

Barbell Calf raise'sToday i did them in a dead lift grip ( forgot to raise the bar in the squat rack position before putting the weight on it. )

215x15+10 lbs on all three sets

ABs I did all three exercise's in a giant set for 2 rounds

Ball crunch's reaching straight out over my face with 6 lbs of ankle weigthts x 20

Straight leg raises on power tower (aka Roman Chair) x 15

Side bends with a 35 lb kettle bell ( obliques) x20 each side slow and controlled

Today was a great work out, I feel much stronger after my 2 week vacation on all upper body lifts. Legs its hard to tell since im changing from parallel squats to ATG. Dead lifts felt great though even adding weight.
This work out took a little bit longer then a normal friday work out , my 6 year old daughter wanted to work out with us. SHe is a warrior, I think she has potential to be one heck of an athlete one day. she has a fitness model type body already at 6. Muscles ripping everywhere and abs already popping out at times. She does not really work out with us much but tonight she wanted to and she stayed for the whole work out. I sacrificed a longer work out because I really want to get my kids in the habbit now.
She never sits still though, very active kid.

Total time = 95 minutes.

Grade A+
6'2" 220.0 LBS Cutting but gaining strength
Doing Reeves Classic Physique , All i can say is I have seen the light. FUll body routine for me from now on
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