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Default John Christy's adept

First of all, english is not my native langue, so, if anything I say sounds weird, let me know please

I started training 18 months ago, on split routine of course. Several exercises per body part, several sets per exercise.
First, I started training less days per week (from 6 to 3-4), then I reduced the number of sets, exercises... I changed from, say, 3 exercises for biceps with 3-4 sets each, to 2 exercises with 2 sets each. And I didn't do it for the sake of laziness or something like that: somehow in my body was telling me that it was too much. Actually it felt like yelling sometimes.

I firstly ran into this forum at random, months ago, flying from one link to another, when I stopped by the John Christy Appreciation Thread. Although I used to do split routines that time, I read it and the way he talks about "your eating is lousy" really opened my eyes for that, to the fact that I didn't want to admit that I didn't need another super-supplement, just needed to start eating big instead. I still have a way to go on the road of eating big, but I'm giving my best now, thanks to him.

After reading, I did some changes on my nutrition, rearranged my split routine, and that's it. But the seed started to grow...

Well, then. I looked forward to the Christy's thread again a couple of months later, and started reading it again. As I now agreed with 95% of his ideas, I decided to give it a try on the fullbody routine, and here I am.
My usual measure units are not lbs, inches and feet, and I hope it's not a problem. I'll change it if I must.

Starting measures - Dec/01/2009

Height: 1,85m
Weight: 57kg
Arm (relaxed): 24cm
Thighs: 47cm

Before starting fullbody - Apr/14/2011

Weight: 70,5kg
Arms (relaxed): 32,2cm
Thighs: 57,5cm

I'll be posting new measures on jun/14. So far I seem to be putting up 4 pounds (mostly muscle, I hope ) of bodyweight.

Previous records, while on split routine:

10x 46kg
5x 47kg

8x 70kg
7x 70kg

Bench Press:
9x 58kg
5x 60kg

Front pulldown (wide grip):
12x 62kg
6x 65kg

Seated Behind Press:
11x 22kg
8x 23kg

Barbell Curls:
10x 24kg
6x 25kg

BWx 10reps
BWx 6reps

Now, to the fullbody workout:


Crunch 1x8

Squat 2x8

Stiff 1x8

Bench Press 2x8

Pull Down(supinated grip) 2x8

Calf Raise 1x8

Shrug 1x8


Sidebend 1x8

Deadlift 2x8

Standing Press 2x8

Barbell Curl 2x8

Close Grip Bench Press 2x8

Reverse Wrist Curl 1x8

Started fullbody routine apr/14. Tried to start out light, but I think I rushed a bit on the weight progression rate, so this cycle of training should end shortly, and on the next one I'll be doing things right.
Due to the lack of smaller plates, my progression rate might not be as consistant as it could.

I usually do some really light reps (50% weight or under) for warm up, so I won't be posting these.
Also, I do a "supra warm up set", as in John Christy's Appreciation Thread. These will be posted: W = supra warm up.

My goals are quite simple: to get as big and strong as possible, always trying to improve my proper form on every exercise.

Since I started weeks ago, I'll post all the days at once, and then update it weekly after each workout.

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