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kitarpyar 02-18-2011 07:39 PM

My training log
Just wanted to start the log today. Actual training will start tomorrow. I am trying to get back to the gym after 9 months and a bit. The lay off started with a minor wrist injury and got prolonged as life got in the way. But anyway, all that is past, and I have no excuse not to lift.

During these last few months, I have lost a good amount of weight and strength; so my primary goal will be to get stronger. I will gauge my progress over a few lifts - deadlift, squat, clean and press.

Max prior to the lay off (at approx 170-172 lbs bodyweight):
Deadlift - 365 lbs
Squat - 255 lbs
Military press - 160 lbs
Powercleans - 165 lbs

I havent measured in ages, but I am guessing my weight has dropped down to 155-160 lbs. I will weigh myself before lifting tomorrow. Based on my lifts tomorrow, I will set the weights, sets, reps, and the entire program if you will.

Looking forward the first day back in the gym tomorrow.

nighttrain 02-18-2011 08:16 PM

welcome back Kit

BendtheBar 02-18-2011 09:03 PM

Great to have you back kit. Are you going to be doing a fullbody?

We have a new sub-forum for fullbody logs, so if you are running one one of can move it over if interested.

wesrman 02-18-2011 09:05 PM



ricka182 02-18-2011 09:11 PM

Hey Kit..welcome back man! Time to SFW!!

rippednmichigan 02-18-2011 10:11 PM

Nice to see your back logging kit!:rockon:

kitarpyar 02-19-2011 10:19 PM

Day zero - 19th Feb 2011
Thanks everyone. Its good to be back!

Did 4 lifts in order to get some idea about starting maxes.

Cleans - 135 lbs (30 lbs down)
Press - 120 lbs (40 lbs down)
Squat - 210 lbs (45 lbs down)
Deadlift - 265 lbs (100 lbs down)

Bodyweight - 164 lbs (~10-11 lbs down)

Given the duration of the layoff, I am not too unhappy. I felt pretty sure that I could go quite some more heavier on the deads, but one step at a time ...

My current constraints mean I can workout only on Mon, Tue, Thurs and Fri as well as the occasional weekend. Allowing for this, coupled with the fact that my primary goal now is to build back some strength, I think I will go full-body.

Each session, I am going to pick a pulling movement, a pushing movement and one that involves legs. Of the three 1 or 2 would be the main lifts I am interested in improving. The other would be some sort of a supporting exercise. Depending on how things move, I will hit the gym anywhere between 3 and 5 times a week.

The next thing to do is to zero in on the lifts. I will group them into three categories.

One - major lifts - these are the ones I will train to get stronger on: Clean and press, Squat and Deadlift.

Two - supporting lifts - it will be nice to get stronger on these, but I wont aim specifically for them - rack pulls, Close-grip bench press, Barbell rows, pull-ups, front squats and leg press.

Three - misc - whatever is the flavor of the day. To be done at the end of the session, if at all. Curls, french press, calf raise, forearm curls etc.

big valsalva 02-19-2011 11:47 PM

Great to see you again, Kit. Best of luck. I'm returning from a layoff too. Your strength will come back quicker than you think. There's a lot to be said for muscle memory.

kitarpyar 02-21-2011 01:34 PM

21st Feb 2011

Originally Posted by big valsalva (Post 117341)
Great to see you again, Kit. Best of luck. I'm returning from a layoff too. Your strength will come back quicker than you think. There's a lot to be said for muscle memory.

Thanks Big V. Good to have you in this log.

Easing back into the groove ...

Cleans - 115 x 3 x 5
Clean and press - 95 x 3 x 5
Squats - 135 x 5 x 5
Seated rows - 9 plates x 8 x 3*
French press - 45 x 10 x 3

*No idea about the weight of the plates in the machine. Some guy working out said its 14 lbs. I guess I will just keep track of the number of plates.

Felt good to get in a full workout (sort of). I will look to increase volume slowly, but for now, all I will do is a push, a pull and some stuff for legs.

For tomorrow, I think I will clean, squat, do some bb rows plus some curls and close-grip bench. I am feeling the legs more than any other bodypart after getting back to the gym, so I guess I will squat light everyday of lifting for the first week or two, just to get back in the groove.

kitarpyar 02-22-2011 08:02 PM

22nd Feb 2011
Cleans - 115 x 3 x 5
Military Press - 95 x 5 x 5
Barbell rows - 115 x 5 x 5
Squats - 135 x 5 x 3
Leg Press - 360 x 5 x 3
Hammer curls - 30 x 8 x 3

Too much crowd near the bench press stations, so gave up on my original idea of close-grip bench.

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