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DaRidler 02-09-2011 06:37 PM

Dave "DaRidler" Ridlens Training.
Ok, this wont be to interesting this week, as Saturday is my first meet of the year, so as you can guess, I am in relax and recovery mode and mentally preparing.

BendtheBar 02-09-2011 06:49 PM

Best of luck Dave. Do you know what you openers are going to be yet?

DaRidler 02-16-2011 12:03 AM

Today was first day back since Saturdays meet, I usually take a week off and heal, but only a few weeks till the next, so time to push it a bit.

1) Squat - 280х1х5 335х2х4 390х3х2 445х5х2
2) Bench press - 260х1х5 315х1х4 365х2х3 420х6х3
3) Db Flies or presses - 50'sх5х10

Abaddon 02-16-2011 12:05 AM

Jesus those squats and benches are HUGE man!!
Do you bench those numbers raw??

DaRidler 02-16-2011 12:25 AM

yep...RAW baby!!!

Abaddon 02-16-2011 12:36 AM


Originally Posted by DaRidler (Post 116351)
yep...RAW baby!!!

420 lbs is 190.5 kgs (my unit of measure). That's inhuman. If you don't mind me asking: how long were you training, and what approx system did you use to reach those kinds of numbers??

I'm stuck in a real plateau on my bench, and don't know how to get past it!

BendtheBar 02-16-2011 08:31 AM


Originally Posted by DaRidler (Post 116351)
yep...RAW baby!!!


DaRidler 02-16-2011 09:47 AM

I have been training hard for 3 years for powerlifting, before that, I was a gym rat looking in the mirror and grunting for no reason but only to have the girls look. lol

I write down everything, I have logs from 7 years ago, when i am done with a program, dont laugh, but I grade them like a school assignment. If it didnt work, a F, maintianed, a C, little gain B, and wow, that wa fricken "A"wsome, a They all are diffent timelines, Prep work, 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks, 16 weeks, ect. That way, if I have a meet in 9 weeks, and my bench is platued, or my back hurts from deadlifting and want time off, I have programs that have worked, so I pull one out, adjust it to todays numbers, adjust a couple moves to something that has proven better since the last time i did this workout, then I am ready, CONFIDENT and mentally prepared. This comes from trial and error, asking questions, getting frusterated as heck and having a buddy say, what the F are you doing, go back to doing this you moron. If you dont try something new, how you know it works.

Only problem, when we try something, it takes weeks and months to see progress, that is whats so frusterating. Good luck, hope I awnsered your questions.

Abaddon 02-16-2011 09:55 AM

^you certainly did. Thank you.
I'm almost as pedantic as yourself!

DaRidler 02-17-2011 08:53 PM

Todays workout was KILLER!! I am trashed beyond trashed!! But if I plan to do well at my next meet, I have to train harder than the competition.

2/17/2011 - Thurdsay
Deadlift - 135x8, 225x1x5, 300х1х4, 360х1х4, 420х2х3, 480х2х3

Bench press - 135x1x10, 260х1х6, 315х1х5, 365х2х4, 390х2х3, 420х1х2, 430x1x5, 390х2х3, 365х1х4, 340х1х6, 315х1х8, 260х1х10

Db Flies - 55х5х10
Barbell Rows - 185х1х4, 225х1х4, 315х1х4, 315x10 with pauses!! Time to eat like a fricken horse!!!!

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