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Astrostyx 02-06-2011 07:31 PM

Astrostyx Log
Weighed in this morning and hit the scales with 13st 10, my target is to drop 3st 5 (47Ib) by 2 Aug this year. Exercise and controlled eating should do it.

BendtheBar 02-06-2011 08:12 PM

Best of luck Astro. Hope you reach your goals and then some.

Astrostyx 02-07-2011 07:54 PM

Good start to the week, decent bit of cardio on the bike and a good stretch of the legs by walking from side of the town to the other. Finished off with some light weight work.

wesrman 02-07-2011 08:22 PM

Good start! Keep it up! :cheers:

Astrostyx 02-08-2011 07:17 PM

A repeat of yesterday, but with added amusement of 5kg carrying her new weight bar around town.:mh: She wanted to buy it then go to the syupermarket, that didn't sound that cool an idea to me so got to wait until afterwards.

One problem I have at this moment is my exercise bike. It's new, my old one was in miles and this one is in Km's, never mind soon get used it.

Astrostyx 02-16-2011 05:56 PM

A bit of a set back. had a tooth removed Monday and one put into replace it, now tha's what i call a valentines pressie!:thefinger:

Normally a visitto the dentist is okay and so is an extraction, but when this happens to me I have to increase steroids to treble my normal amount and this plays havoc on the hungar side. They are a part of my renal transplant medication or I would steer well clear ofthem, they keep me alive but are destroyng the body in the process.

I should be back down to the normal dosage by Saturday, so I will brush myself down and start again, I'm determined to win:thrasher:

Fortuantely I havegreat support from the half!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BendtheBar 02-16-2011 07:24 PM

Get well Astro. Not great Valentine's day timing, but what can you do?

brad1224 02-16-2011 07:48 PM

im in,

get well soo man

wesrman 02-16-2011 08:54 PM


Originally Posted by Astrostyx (Post 116611)
I will brush myself down and start again, I'm determined to win:thrasher:

This is great!

Keep this attitude and you can do anything!

Astrostyx 02-21-2011 07:35 PM

Thanks guys for the encouragement, it helps a lot believe me.

Thankfully the past week passed without too much damage. At yesterdays weigh-in I broke even on the previous wee. Fortunately the cardio I did last week managed combat the damage caused bythe increased steroids. I realise that is still upto me what I eat but those damn things cause havoc, been takingthem now 33 years and still not easy at times.

Started off the week on the bike, will be getting in a fair few walks this coming weeks as well as the the bike. I have to plead guilty as I fell under the spell ofthe chery pie and cream:eatdude:

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