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Default Powerlifting in a Bodybuilding Gym

Hey all just getting going on posting the workout routine

It would appear that i read a lot of the same things you guys do. Chaos and Pain, Elitefts (Wendler specifically hes hilarious), West Side, etc. etc. As such i have adapted the following plan. It works for me and i have seen some good gains in the last 3 months.

Basic philosophy stolen in no small part from C&P is train heavy all the time, as much as possible, as consistently as possible. Reps are 3-5 range with no more than 5 work sets depending on how my body is feeling. I work the Squat, Pull, and Press movements in that order each time i go in to lift heavy.

(weight and reps from this week)

Day 1:
Box Squat 5x5

Rack Pulls:
2 sets 3 reps
2 heavy singles

405, 515, 615, 615

Towel Bench (i have no boards and no one to help use them if i did):

Jump rope 5 min weighted vest

Go home whimper, eat sleep

Day 2: (This was a good day, 2 PR's)
2 sets 3 reps
last set 2 reps ,failed on #3
315, 375,405

for grins and giggles
560 x1 PR (awesome, really really fun)

1 rep max PR
355 (thought my arms would implode, and my shoulders were going to crush my spine)

Day 3:
Front squats:
(this is today so these weights will be approx.)
275,295,315 (well see as front squats are great, but really really taxing for me)

Dumbell rows:

Weighted dips
130, these i make an exception for, as for what ever reason some days i can rip out like 12 reps, no problem, and some days i struggle to get three, and i do that whole mentally deficient walrus looking thing where you arch your back a TON while you have 130lbs hanging from your waist, in the hopes that it will help propel you upward. So these are, well, interesting.

There is no real auxiliary work listed here, but i do a lot of pull ups, ab wheel, weighted vest jumps, sprints etc. for warm ups or to burn off the necessary energy to
A) not annoy my wife
B) make me tired enough to NOT want to do any 12oz curls (the only truly manly arm workout)

I like some of the auxiliary, or accessory work, but i have found it really doesn't help enough to take away from training the big movements.

That's the outline im following thus far, I have a RAW USAPL comp coming up in Feb that i would like to total 1441lbs for @220lbs (assuming i cut the 6-8lbs necessary). Let me know what you think as always feedback, witticisms, criticism always appreciated.
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