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Default road to redemption...raw

i'm training right now for bench nationals in feb and a full meet in april. right now i'm taking time out to everything strong as ****.i'm 6-0, 335.

bench day

raw bench
135x12-10 225x8-6 315x3-1 430x3 295x10 335x15 335x6

floor flyes
40x10x5(10 sec rest)

stk(150)3x15 150x25

db kickbacks

incline hammer strength
3ppsx6x6(6 sec rest)


squat day

raw squats(belt only)
135x10-10 225x6-6 315x3-3 405x1
505x3 505x6 350x10 430x8 430x6

front squats(6x6 with 6-10 sec rest)

leg curls
200x1-200x3-200x1-200x3 190x12

seated calf raises

***raw bench went well. was at a gym where the 4 45s took up damn near the entire bar. that's a first. only did a set of 3 with 430 using the wrong setup. the 335 felt a lot better using the setup i have been using. nuthin wrong with experimenting i guess. didn't work a lot of work that day cause i would be doin a bench accy day on wednesday. tonite i did squats and man my soul is still trying to re-enter my body after that session. all raw no wraps but belt. felt very strong and the speed was there. overshot my reps like the program requires. then there was the 6 sets of hell with front squats with minimal rest. when i get 6 reps on all sets with 6 sec rest i'll be able to move up in weight. bw is 330-332 right now. gettin back on my feet is goin to be slow but nationals are on my mind and i don't know how but after squattin like this tonite it made me realize two, its been a while since i went that hard on squats and two, squatting tonite made me very hungry again. i like it...

the hunger is back,

bench accy day

smith inclines
135x12 225x6 315x3
365x5-385x5-405x2-425x2-425x2-315x15(need to be more explosive)

HS wide-chest press

pec deck

HS BTN press

side laterals

CG floor press


***tonite was strictly accessory work for the bench which means nuthin resembling a "flat bench" pretty much which worked like a charm before. tonites goal was also to be more explosive on my lifts and not to be slow. worked on all of them save inclines. goin to do barbell inclines next week since i was explosive on them last week. you never know til you experiment. everything else was explosive so good there. bw is holding at 330 and gettin more solid and functional. 5 weeks of this training program and i'll be gettin ready for nationals mid december. for once i'm sticking to something thats gettin me stronger and keeping me from "ego-lifting". xKBS is explosive kickbacks btw...

and that's a good thing,

raw sumo deads
135x6 225x3 315x3 405x1
475x3 475x6 315x10 405x6 405x8

***all the time i had tonite. went to a gym that said they were open til 6 but were closing at 5. pissed me off so i had to go to another gym. anyways, every rep was explosive and fast. going sumo for a while to strengthen it and then goin back to conventional at the end of the 6 weeks. been a while since i've done this much work on deads. back was fried and i was sweating hard so it was workin.

raw bench/back/tris

raw bench
135x20 225x20 315x6 405x2
445x3 445x6 315x10 375x12 375x7

floor flyes
45-10x5(10 sec rest)

CG statics
225x3 225x3 275x3 275x3 275x3 285x3


barbell rows
405x5-315x10 405x5-315x10-545x3

HS pulldowns
4Px5-3Px10 4Px5-3Px10

DB rows
150-6x6(min 6 sec rest)


150x5-75x10 150x5-75x10

cable curls
30-3x6- 50-6x6

***i know there's a lot of **** here but i had to make up for not doin back on dead day cause of the gym hours. raw bench was very easy from what people were saying. eric sproto gave me some advice on the bench that worked. that's the reason for the 20 rep sets with 135 and 225. just enough to get warmed up but not enough to blow the work ahead. all the reps were easy so achieving the + reps werent' a problem. speed and explosiveness was the key. back work was vicious but i loved it...also thoughts from eric. he and i have the same ideas on training and he does a lot more back work cause it feels it isn't enough when its 2 movements. i agree. so i upped my back work instead now that i'm using my back more on the bench...i mean lats. lol. worked up to 545 for 3 on rows and 4 plates per side on hammer strength pulldowns. went heavy on hammers cause i was finally in front of some 150s. this session was very intense and every rep was explosive. onward to squats...

for nick winters,
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